Whether you are looking for a traditional massage, a deep tissue massage, or a prenatal massage, Rivage Day Spa offers a wide range full-body massage to promote relaxation and ease tension.

Swedish - Light

A traditional full body massage, utilizing light pressure to promote relaxation and circulation. Improving flexibility, our Swedish massage eases tension by gently manipulating the muscles and joints.
50 Minutes  |  80 Minutes

$80  |  $110

Therapeutic – Medium

Focused, medium pressure massage that is ideal to release tension from chronic physical issues. This stress relieving technique ensures health maintenance.
50 Minutes  |  80 Minutes

$90  |  $120

Deep Tissue - Firm

An intense, firm pressure is applied to the deepest layers of the muscle, relieving chronic or severe muscle tension. Using direct deep pressure, this massage works by physically breaking down rigid tension and restoring healthy movement.
50 Minutes  |  80 Minutes

$100  |  $130

Hot Stone

Smooth, heated river stones are strategically placed on the body and incorporated into a relaxing massage. Heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles to alleviate stress and bring the body back into balance.
50 Minutes  |  80 Minutes

$110  |  $140


Pregnancy massage therapy promotes stress relief and overall wellness. Attention to comfort, lower back pain, and blood circulation are key elements in assuring the mom-to-be a serene massage, all while caring for the safety of the child.
50 Minutes  |  80 Minutes
Doctor’s note is required upon check-in. Must be past the first trimester on date of appointment.

$90  |  $120

Couples Massage

As candles flicker in the fireplace, indulge in side-by-side massages of your choice with your favorite guest. We invite you to enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne upon completion of your service.
Pricing based on massage type and length of service.