Marine Salt Scrub

A deep exfoliation with finely powdered sea salt, marine body scrub is an invigorating treatment that leaves the skin smooth and supple. This decadent scrub is finished with a rich, hydrating moisturizer.
30 Minutes


Moroccan Oil Scrub

A natural orange-peel exfoliator, this body scrub is ideal for the driest of skin conditions. Polish away dead skin cells as you transform your skin with a blend of grape seed, avocado, sesame, and sweet almond oils.
30 Minutes


Brittany Coast Detox Wrap

A unique, deep cleansing, anti-bacterial mineral draws impurities from the skin. Using magnesium and iron, this detox wrap begins with a dry brush exfoliation to open the pores and allows the red and brown algaes penetrate into the skin. After being cocooned in a heated blanket, the detoxification process is complete, and you are finished with nourishing moisturizer.

60 Minutes


Sedona Red Mud Anti-Aging Wrap

This anti-oxidant and anti-aging body wrap remineralizes the skin, leaving a noticeable glow. A dry brush opens the pores and prepares the skin. Mud is then liberally massaged onto the body, allowing nutrients and vitamins such as sage, vitamin E, and amino acids to be absorbed into your skin. Finishing with a hydrating emulsion, the red clay mud wrap leaves the skin soft and revitalized.
60 Minutes


Luxe Hydrating Wrap

After preparing your skin with our sea salt body scrub, a warm moisturizing balm with shea butter and avocado oil melts onto the skin, providing deep hydration and protection. The Luxe Wrap is the ultimate, rich treatment to have to leave your skin perfectly moisturized.
75 Minutes


Aromatics Contouring Treatment

This anti-cellulite body treatment incorporates specific techniques, essential oils and a green tea mask to improve dehydrated, lax skin. With glycolic acid and enzymes working to eliminate dead skin cells, this treatment helps target areas of concern, leaving the skin firmer, contoured and smooth. A series of treatments are recommended for optimal results.
75 Minutes